Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yaby Pallets

I know I am quite late on this one as I saw loads of blog posts about the Yaby Pallets but Pixiwoo's recent post about their blusher pallets has made me look into this (having recently discovered that the majority of my make up kit is full of mac I am keen to add some different brands).

The site where they got theirs is make up artist boutique which looks really good you get 20% off the price when you create an account with them as a make up artist and 10% as a student and as anyone like me trying to build a kit knows make up is not cheap when you are buying the higher market brands.

Yaby the brand was created by a make up artist in Toronto who was always looking to condence her make up kits which does make sence as my kit small though it is currently nearly fills a small suitcase ...oops! So the brand sell empties for you to condence your own products into as well as pallets which are smaller than the ones I currently own for mac and can contain either 20- 40 eyeshadows and the 15.5mm eyeshadows themselves which sell for £1.99 each on the make up artist boutique.

While I contemplate this purchase has anyone got any colour recommendations or comments on these shadows?


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  1. Hey that palette looks really beautiful...must check this out tho I'm using the Miss Rose one...Lovely blog sweetie...!!!

  2. And yeah I'm following you...

  3. thank you! when I have the internet back in my house will be updating more frequently again

    should be up and running on Saturday! :)

  4. I need to try this! They look awesome! I am going to see the Pixiwoo vid you mention.
    P.S: My Giveaway:

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