Saturday, May 9, 2009

The school

Okay, so after much speculation, I have finally decided which make up school I hope to attend... 

I had initially looked at all schools possible. For any of you who have been looking into this you will understand why it is a shock to the system... they are all so expensive or seem to expect you to not have a job.

Many of the courses available are for 3 months during the day and cost around 5k which to the average unemployed person I would have thought was pretty steep! The most expensive I spied on my google trawl was £7k for 3 months. 

I am going to see the academy of freelance make up artists on the first sat in June, their course isn't that steep (affordable with the aid of my newly acquired flexible friend). They also run courses once you have studied with them in association with specific make up brands as well as a course in Paris, so that you can learn at Paris fashion week. I cannot tell you how excited I am :)