Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vichy Normaderm - review

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So the promised review I mentioned ages ago! I have come to the end of my current bottle so will be repurchasing so was having a quick google of their range. They have a new product that I will definitely be adding into the basket. Normaderm Pro Mat... which effectively does the same thing as my beloved anti imperfections hydrating care but includes spf which is the only thing my current product was not offering.

So why do I love this product?

1. Not that I have particularly bad skin but at certain times of the month i am prone to the odd breakout. This moisturiser targets this. The product claimes absorb shiny patches, redness visibly reduced, and hydrate. 
This product claims to after 4 weeks, visibly transform your completion and rediscovers the texture and comfort of healthy looking skin: excess sebum controlled, complexion and surface texture unified, imperfections look reduced. 2 week anti-recurrence action on pores.
I have to say I do agree - its even better if you use the nigh time version as well!

2. it dries Matt - this I Love! it dries Matt but doesn't make your skin feel really tight and dry. For this reason I also use this on peoples skin when prepping for make up if their skin looks prone to break outs!

3. Price £12 isn't bad for a moisturiser?!

4. the container unlike most moisturiser it doesn't come in a tube, a pot etc its in a pump bottle. Which is also a selling point for me as this means you can gauge how much you are using and to be fair one pump per application is all you need.

5. The application - unlike any mattifiers you can buy which are normally skin primers that once out of the tube feel thick and are quite difficult to apply. This product is quite fluid in texture and therefore easy to apply and rub in.

Pick of product to follow when this is no longer disabled by blogger!!

Anyone else tried this? x


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