Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yaby swatches!

As promised here is more of an update on the Yaby pallet I bought!

I did order it from the Make up artist boutique which I have to say were speedy on all counts. They registered my request for make up artist discount within 1 day and I then bought the selection of shadows and pallet which arrived perfectly packaged and within two days! Fantastic!

All the shadows I bought are in natural brown shades so hopefully you can pick these up I bought:

antique bronze
ancient gold
smoked maple (which I realised I ordered three off!!! oops they are gorgeous all the same!)
rose wood
and the empty pallet

The actual shadows themselves are creamy in formulation but not so much that you get loads of fall out. They are also really pigmented so you don't need a mountain of the product which is good as the refills are tiny!! I wore a combination of three colours to work without a primer and they lasted all day so these are definitely a winner with me :)

Anyone else tried these pallets? any colours you would recommend/couldn't live without? x


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