Tuesday, March 29, 2011
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Okay I know my month of October favourites post was really popular so here is what I am loving for the month of March:

My biggest love of the month is:

This stuff is aaaamazing,  I bought mine on a flight to Jamaica which also came in a pot like the pic above. The product itself is soo versatile in the way that Vaseline can be used but its so much thicker and glossier than Vaseline. I used it on the previous shoot post on eyelids, lips but it can go on dry skin on your knees, elbows and I read that you can even put it on burns?! - If anyone has tried that I would be interest to know as I am in love :)
Next is something that I don't normally include as I haven't really found any amazing hair care products but I will be repurchasing the following items - I think as far as I know you can only buy them at Asda?

They contain grapeseed oil and avocado to give you that glossy finish without the frizzyness - I have to say I really love these and they smell rather lovely too :) My hair is incredibly thick and ends up feeling lifeless and not very shiny with a lot of products. Particularly as I have to, without fail, wash my hair every two days as otherwise I will look like I am opening a chip shop on my head. So the fact that I love this product is quite high praise indeed for this product. I have also tried the s.o.s rescue products by andrew barton too and really liked those as well but the gloss boss is my current fav!

Foundation of choice this month has been:

I am currently - due to the sun using a mixture of number two and three. Normal skin tone I am like the majority of people no.2 shade. This is suitable for people who like me love mac face and body, quite a sheer coverage but gives you a glow that makes you look healthy. Also the concealer is fantastic, I honestly don't need another concealer with this, using it under my eyes and on my bad breakouts!

mascara - I am afraid my rimmel love affair continues:

The reason that I love this mascara soo much is that I am not a fan of the massive brushes. The brush is slight and separates the lashes easily without the need for combing through and is easily buildable. I do want to try the clinique bottom lash mascara for that exact reason!

Cheek product - I am in love with this product:
It looks so gorgeous on! You literally need just one squeeze of the tube and you have more than enough for both cheeks. I apply this on the apples of my cheek and a little along my cheek bone tailing off towards my ear. For summer I think I will be loooving this product as it also doesn't move all day and I really am lazy when it comes to reapplying.. once its gone its gone!

Lips - I am a bit slow on the uptake of the mac ranges so I believe these are a pro product that was released a long long time ago! Chromographic pencils?? I want all of them but I only picked up one which was on a kit list for a make up artists show. I am loving the bright lip at the moment so the one that I picked up was process magenta has been transferred to my personal make up bag on various occasions!

These pencils can be used all over the face which will be fantastic for photo shoots but they are so gorgeous!!

 I am really loving the burnt orange/ tan colour clothing with clashing pink nails or lips ... think orange and its various shades along with pink are going to be sooo big this summer...
along with these... I saw them last year at a male designers look book shoot but I can already see them everywhere in the high street this year. I will be picking up the floral ones from new look £6.99 bargain!

Take care lovelies! xx
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I am so sorry I have been updating my blog so much, it has been crazy busy here with make up work and then I went to Jamaica!!!

To make up for it here are some pictures from my latest shoot :)

I think this is my favourite shoot to date!!!

Okay so for the make up base I used mac face and body in c1 mixed with white face and body as the model had such pale skin that c1 was just not pale enough on its own. Under eye concealer used was benefit erase paste in no.1.

On the first two images I used Bobbi Brown pale pink cream blush and Pixi succulent lip twin on the cheek in the raspberry red colour.

On the eyes its a mixture of mac follow your fantasy eye shadow and glamour spot blusher in couture. Which I have used on the cheeks instead of the cream blush in the final shots!

Lips - the first two images are using blankety by mac and eight hour cream over the top and the final image is using Revlon matte lipstick in pink about it with eight hour cream over the top!

Let me know what you think x
Wednesday, February 16, 2011


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I am absolutely in love with the new Louis Vuitton advert their make up is so gorgeous. Very 20s eyebrows , with gorgeous berry and gold eyelids and dark vampy red lips

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So the other colour I got from Pixi HQ was florescent pink check out my nails - excuse my dodgy painting!

Annoyingly my camera seems to have slightly changed the tone... think pink highlighter colour...yep it is THAT BRIGHT!

I think this one will look really nice when you have a tan and aren't as pale as I am right now haha!

I will be in Milton Keynes tomorrow people so hope to see you all at the Boots Pixi stand as I still have loads of lovely freebies to give away x
Tuesday, February 15, 2011


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I can see from my stats tabs that you are all loving my October favourite post so fear not there will be one of those again soon... I also intend to invest in a few more yaby eyeshadows so will update you on this also.

However.... I notice that I have a lot of passers by who don't currently follow me on my blog so... can we up my followers and make me feel loved?!

I will do a give away if we can make it to 35 followers... so come on now don't be a stranger x
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I have a booking for a lovely lady coming up as she is attending a dinner party so I thought this gives me a good excuse to update my kit with a few newbie products.

So I bought Mac blushcreme in laid back and club satin eyeshadow:

The blusher - I love the colour of this and I think it will work fantastically well on olive and Asian skin tones so I had to have one of these its quite a deep plum red without the flash. I know this looks bright but with all creme blushers you blend these in so it wont be as scarily bright as it looks or sounds !

The eyeshadow... this one I am not sure how I ever lived without this in my kit or personal collection it in appearance looks a metallicy dark green/grey which when you build this up on your lid looks an amazing olivey green brown colour but when blended it turns a warm brown tone... instant smokey eye and I love it.

I tried to show it on my hand without much success:

As you can see on the right this is the colour packed on but because of my flash it does look a rather dull brown and then to the left is the blended brown shade.... so there was only one thing for it... use it on myself!

I apologise the cab came before we took a picture with my eyes closed to show you the shadow... I am officially in love with this shadow and I think everyone should have this one in their make up kit its aaaaaaaaaaaamazing :)

New Nail Polish

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I popped into Pixi HQ yesterday and was given a gorgeous purple polish to try from the Boots range... they do some really lovely bright polishes - think florescent pink etc. If you have been following me on twitter you will already have seen these... I don't think the camera is able to do this colours brightness any justice...