Monday, July 13, 2009


I have just joined Twitter! How interesting I am going to be to follow im not sure!!!

Hula84 if anyones interested! Let me know if there are any really interesting ones to follow - loving Alan Carrs comments so far :)
Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Haul!

Ok so I have been bad, the extent of which you will see from the evidence that follows! I bought:

 this dress was from Joy (I absolutely love this shop) they sell clothes/ jewlerry and shoes from different brands (but not the ones
 you would normally see anywhere!) This dress is fitted and figure hugging with a tulip skirt that wraps over.

I also got: 
I bought this one to go to a wedding in that is on the beach its a boob tube dress again its very fitted but think this should look fine without heels on the beach! I plan to wear this with gold coloured flip flops, a flower in my hair and hardly any make up apart from some coral lipstick and some bronzer!

Then I headed on to the All Saints sale and got this lovely number:

This was half price in the sale I wasnt too sure about the shape at first as it is very fitted at the top and then goes out at the hips but I think it would look good with some gladiator high heels and make up wise either dark dramatic smokey eyes and dewy skin or au natu
relle with a statement bright lipstick.

I also purchased the following from Primarni:
The flip flops were cute, at £1.50 each how can you go wrong. One is black with leopard print on the bit that goes between your toes. The second pair are red bottomed with white and cherries on it very cute. I also picked up two bikinis - halter necks. I couldn't make my mind up so bought them both. Both top and bottoms have frills on which are cute although I didn't think I'd like it before I tried it on! 

O and a Barry M lip gloss to finish off - never tried these before it tasted lovely and was a bargain. I bought this in number 4 but was so disappointed with the colour it just comes out as my natural lip colour with a sheen. it does seem to last quite a long time, just need to remember it comes out fast :)