Wednesday, December 29, 2010


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I love this look!

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I have got three gorgeous new arrivals for my kit:

Chanel blusher in Tweed fushia - this colour is gorgeous - I think a face of the day shot will be in order to show you quite how amazing this product is. It has a light coral pink colour as the undertone with gorgeous shades of fushia patterned across the top with flecks of beautiful gold. When applied the gold does come out quite a bit which I didn't expect but the colour is very pigmented also so a little goes a long way which due to the price tag is a good thing!

Follow your fantasy eye shadow from the tartan tale mac new collection. I say new but all you beauty bloggers know that this has been around for some time. At first I like everyone else wasn't that convinced but whilst shopping a couple of days ago I feel in love with this eyeshadows bronzey goldern brown warm hue. When I went, the store only had two shadows left and now I wish I had also picked up 'a wish come true' which is a warm pink colour. If anyone can tell me a dupe for this I will be over the moon as I am currently kicking myself for having missed out!
I love the tartan on the packaging - i think its taken time for mac collections to get to me but I am looking forward to the next collections release!

Finally I bought mac lipstick blankety!! I know where have I been? its a gorgeous colour which I used on a shoot with another make up artist. This colour is beautiful and suits almost all skin tones. I plan to build up my nude lipstick kit so I need some inspiration people:

mac - hue, highly strung? please me? answers on a postcard as I would like to pull together a series of lipstick pallets which I saw Lisa Eldridge mention in some of her videos.

So if anyone has any recommendations ... x


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I came across this brand some time ago in Grazia magazine they started in 2004 selling their range on Portabello market. As an advocate of smaller designers and brands this instantly got my attention. I am one of these people who has post its and lists of places and things to check out that I have read about and want to save to check out on a later date. Ducie became one of these are I love their range of clothes:

Pictures - Ducie website and blog

Check out their website! Can anyone recommend any cool new designers/shops they have discovered? x

The Remedi - Sample sale

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I popped along to the Remedi's sample sale back a couple of weeks back it took some finding, but they have a really cute space in shoreditch. For those of you who missed it...

They have a lot of gorgeous elegant evening dresses which you can see from some of their visuals:

Prices are in line with brands such as Coast and Whistles for their products.

But I am a sucker for their jewelery I have picked up the most gorgeous bracelet while I was in their store:

I love this bracelets brassy colour and the squares have a reflective green edge which adds another dimension to the bracelet. I have quite small wrists but as you can see from the first picture it doesn't seem to swamp it!

 I have just been checking out their site and they have some lovely pieces:

If you get a change check out their website

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas everyone! hope you all had a lovely day yesterday and are planning plenty more over the festive season x
Wednesday, December 8, 2010

November Favourites

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Sorry for the absent spells .... things have been so busy of late! Updates of my recent work to follow... been told to keep my lips sealed until its published woohoo!

Okay my November favourites:

  • I have really been into my SKINCARE this month and have been making a big effort to reverse my routine:
  • So I have been concentrating on my night time routine over the day time, washing and cleansing my face with the gorgeous Liz earle hot cloth cleanser 
  • followed by vichys night normaderm (if any of you have suffered a recent break out then you haaaaaaave to try this! I may add a separate post about hooow amazing this product is! 
  • then follow up by instead of eye cream using Vaseline on and around my eyes. This seems to stop them looking puffy in the morning! 
  • My final step has been Pixis ammmmaaaaaaaaazing lip balm this unlike Vaseline lasts such a long time and has put my lips back into shape :)
  • I have been loving Andrew Barton's Gloss Boss shampoo and conditioner - I want to finish the bottle before I give a complete review but I can already notice how much glossier my hair looks :)
  • Uniqlo - if any of you have not been to this shop you are missing out I love this place. I bought some gorgeous dresses and leggings.... blog posts of these to follow I am sure :)
  • Eye make up - I have been loving the pixi pallet I recently blogged about as this is so good for day and evening and doesn't mean have to drag mountains of stuff with me :) 
Short but sweet! that's all for now folk! what have you been loving this month?