Thursday, October 7, 2010

After watching Tanya Burrs review of Britney Spears new fragrance Radiance I did want to see what this fragrance was like. She described it as a more grown up version of the past ones, which in my opinion were too sweet and smelled of candy floss but that seems to just be me as everyone else in blog land seemed to really love it.

So on my lunch break today I popped in to Boots to sample the new fragrance. I have to say I am impressed its still sweet but reminds me of another fragrance that I cant quite put my finger on. As well as being sweet it does have a fresh sense about it which I love!

The bottle.... nah, not great but think its better than the previous ones a lot more grown up!

I would probably buy this to wear during the day but only if it was within £15-£20 mark.

Anyone else tried this perfume yet?x


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