Sunday, October 17, 2010
I popped down to my local Primark without the intention of buying anything...

I bought:

these gorgeous shoes are rubber wedges with a suede like material on the rest of the shoe these I think were the most expensive thing I bought at £15. They
come up a bit big so I had to buy a size smaller but even then they are a bit big so will be investing in some inner soles to make sure I can wear these comfortably!

I also picked up those bargain brogues for £8 which are so cute they don't come with any laces so I had to pick up some brown laces to go with these which w
ere only a couple of £s so still a

The final thing I bought was this gorgeous black Angora wool dress for £13 which was black wool with gold studs so here's a dodgy pic of me wearing this - cant work out how to turn this round...sorry:
and here are a couple of close ups of the make up I wore with the dress and the dark wedge shoes! wearing the new Sleek blusher in Pomegranate


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