Friday, October 8, 2010
I would firstly like to say I ordered my Yaby pallet and 7 eyeshadows (i will be ordering more I just wanted to see what the colour likeness was to the ones they show on the site). They are all gorgeous and I love the white packaging very mac esque in its little white container.

The colours I chose were very wedding orientated and so lots of gorgeous brown natural shades. They are absolutely tiny but then I guess as they are £2 each that's to be expected and also that's the reason you can fit 40 in a pallet! So will be swatching some of these for you but for now here is a sneak peak!

Also I was watching Nine last night and for any of you who haven't seen this film its a star studded cast kind of musical (if your expecting a normal kind of drama.... probably not for you). But I did like it and realised quite how beautiful Marion Coutillard is in a more classic way so maybe this haircut would be more me! Maybe just a short fringe to change up my hairstyle and have strong perfect brows

have a lovely day x


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