Friday, October 15, 2010

Sleek Blushers!

Just a quick update on the wedding event. Unfortunately I will no longer be doing the wedding event so anyone looking to see me there will not find me :(

On to more positive things... I bought two of the new beautiful sleek blushers which I tweeted about a couple of days ago! I had seen a few bloggers posts on these so was dying to go and try these out.
I was a bit apprehensive as they are shimmer blushers which suggests.... glitter!
Which can look too much during the day so may have limited themselves to more of a going out make up product... But happy to report I love them!!! The glitter is there but gives the product a beautiful sheen rather than being too much.

The colour of these products are really pigmented which means you don't need too much of the product to get the colour you see in the pallet. Formulation is quite soft but there isn't a lot of fallout that you would expect.

I bought two shadow from the three they had at the superdrug local to my work in Pomegranate and Rose Gold.
Pomegranate is the darker of the two and has a more reddy pink tone. I have been looking into getting a blusher of a similar tone after reading an article written about Pat Magrath and the way she used blusher for one of the catwalk shows. The blush she recommended was the colour you get if you pinch your cheeks the colour this achieves is the colour you should be looking to go for with your blush. Love love love this!!!

I also bought Rose Gold which is a colour which reminds me more of Benefits Dallas Blusher in the more bronzy pink. I haven't tried this one out yet during the day so this will be what I will be wearing tomorrow! I know it doesnt really look that way in the picture (more bronzey and goldy so will have to do comparisons on this one!)

For £3.99 each these are an absolute steal! Do they last all day?... not in my trial today unfortunately but I challenge you to find me a blusher which does!

They have more of a sheen like the mac mineralise skin finishes but more colour.

These products have my vote!


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