Friday, August 27, 2010
So a couple of weeks ago in my Sunday boredom I picked up a copy of instyle magazine, which was giving away a free cheek and lip stain. Which at first I was quite dubious of because of 1. the colour and two it was Body shop (yes I know this is quite snobby, but I hadnt really tried or fancied buying and of their products when I had visited their shops before). 3. it was a cheek and lip stain which is something that I havent really tried before.
But I have to say it is my product of choice at the moment I have worn this everyday this week!

1. its free! If you want to repurchase at £9.50 I think I would!
2. Although the packaging shows the colour to be really bright it actually comes out a beautiful pinky red tone which is very flattering.
3. it lasts for the whole working day which you find other products such as cream blushers cant live up to.
4. As its quite a watery consistancy it is buildable and therefore could be vamped up for more of an evening blush, or dolly look if you so wish!
5. Packaging is quite sleek and almost clinique like which I really love.

1. I havent tried this but I would say that because of its consistancy I would have thought you would need to really build the product up to get a good colour on darker skin.

Other than that I cannot think of any other cons so I think its my current must have. I will post some swatches so you can see this on my skin next!
Monday, August 23, 2010

After being sucked into another Boots buy one get one free offer I decided to pick up the new neutrogena visibily clear in Pink Grapefruit facial wash.
the smell of this product is divine and I have to say I am partial to the neutrogena skin care lin
e as my skin is particularly prone to break outs, along the jawline and on my neck. Around time of the month this is when we get it at its worst, which is always what we ladies need to make us feel even better!

So... whats it like, well it has the most gorgeous smell which is lovely to wake you up in the morning. The consistancy is like a gel and I have this in the pump bottle so one pump is sufficient to do my face and neck so this product will last a while. My skin does feel slightly tighter and has that lovely smooth sensation you get when you try a new skin care product.

What I want to know is does it work...? The only way I can try this is by starting a proper skin care range up. (I am so lazy with this, I always start well and buy all the products to cleanse, tone and moisturise, by the end all I am doing is washing my
face and moisturising). So this time I vow to do things differently and have invested in the products I know I will use, which if I stick to we can include some more! haha

So I am going to wash my face morning and night with the neutrogena and use my new beautiful vichy moisturisers day and night. These products are from the Norma Derm range and cost around £12 each but I am currently loving them so will be reviewing them in their own little review that they deserve!

So project skincare has officially started, I will update you as to how I get on!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

update on mac-o-rama!

I just wanted to share a quick update on the three colours I picked up on mac! (coral, bronze and Juxt) and I used the same products wet on darker skin, using the same lashes but think this shows if you have darker skin how lucky you are with bright colours in comparison to how they looked on mine! Slightly different hey!!!

More Barry M love!

So I am continuing my love of Barry M nail varnishes with two new purchases!

After much searching I managed to pick up the much coveated by beauty bloggers Barry M nail paint in Mushroom. Although i love how this colour goes on non streaking formula and not really needing that many coats (although I have now applied 3 coats), the a
ctually colour doesn't look that amazing with my skin tone. It looks on
me more like a grey colour than a beige which isnt really what I was expecting or hoping it would be like :( I think I was hoping that it would be similar to the Nails Inc colour that I believe they were giving away a while ago when you buy two bottles of coke. Its not that the colour is offensive and I am going to take it off, but I dont think its going to be up there with my favourites like the coral polish.

Superdrugs are running a 2 for £5 on Barry M nail polishes at the moment so I also picked up pink flamingo which with a tan I think will look really nice! Sitting next to my coral polish in my collection it has a similar kind of tone to it. The pink being very warm more orange than blue in the colour mix which seems to really suit a tan!
I love a lot of the brighter colours but when you are as pale as me I think they can make you look a lot paler and look alot better when you have a tan or have darker skin. The new ice cream shades will suit my pastey complexion so think these will be next on my list. Although I am really loving the colour racing green with slight excitement that I can wear this when we really get into the horrid British winter. There is something about having painted nails that can really change your mood!
Friday, August 13, 2010

Mac o-rama

I popped down to Mac Pro at the weekend to check out their latest collection as I feel like I have fallen of the make up planet!

The latest collection they were promoting seemed to be the dare to wear collection which was really bright and in hindsight would have been really good to have in my collection as they were all wearing what seems to be the Sh
ock-a-holic which was a gorgeous bright purple. But me being me... I think I a am a Bobbi Brown girl at heart went for the more subtle tone:

Juxt - a beautiful pearly green
Coral - gorgeous orangey pinky colour
Bronze - which of course is a lovely bronzey goldey colour
The green, and bronze have a gorgeous pearly glow but the coral is a matt colour.

As all girls do the fun is trying it on so here we go:

The products are really bright here as I have used them wet and also the lashes are gorgeous ones from poundland believe it or not!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Im Back!

It has been quite some time since my last post!

I have still religiously followed other blog writers so I feel that it is now time to return to the blogging sphere!

So I know that everyone has already blogged a billion times about Barry M but I am now officially feeling the Barry M love - for their nail varnishes only though. So much so I am not sure why people are buying other brands? At £3 each and such amazing polishes I am not sure why you would!!

The colours I now have in my possession are:
Pure Turquoise

The Pure Turquoise looked perfect with my tan after coming back from Tunisia!

The application is so easy unlike I have found with some of the Nails Inc polishes it goes on very easily and is easy to control for someone with not so a steady hand like me. The only thing I would say is that you need a minimum of three coats to get a good colour (i.e. how it looks in the bottle!) If thats the only downside I think at that price tag I can handle that.

I wore the coral colour on my toes in Tunisia for a week and it did change colour, not sure if that was the chlorine or if it was just the sun but it changed to a beautiful light orange colour. Not sure what some of the other colours change to but that worked quite well!

I am off to go to mac and check out the new collection so will be back with a haul post!