Monday, August 23, 2010

After being sucked into another Boots buy one get one free offer I decided to pick up the new neutrogena visibily clear in Pink Grapefruit facial wash.
the smell of this product is divine and I have to say I am partial to the neutrogena skin care lin
e as my skin is particularly prone to break outs, along the jawline and on my neck. Around time of the month this is when we get it at its worst, which is always what we ladies need to make us feel even better!

So... whats it like, well it has the most gorgeous smell which is lovely to wake you up in the morning. The consistancy is like a gel and I have this in the pump bottle so one pump is sufficient to do my face and neck so this product will last a while. My skin does feel slightly tighter and has that lovely smooth sensation you get when you try a new skin care product.

What I want to know is does it work...? The only way I can try this is by starting a proper skin care range up. (I am so lazy with this, I always start well and buy all the products to cleanse, tone and moisturise, by the end all I am doing is washing my
face and moisturising). So this time I vow to do things differently and have invested in the products I know I will use, which if I stick to we can include some more! haha

So I am going to wash my face morning and night with the neutrogena and use my new beautiful vichy moisturisers day and night. These products are from the Norma Derm range and cost around £12 each but I am currently loving them so will be reviewing them in their own little review that they deserve!

So project skincare has officially started, I will update you as to how I get on!


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