Friday, August 13, 2010

Mac o-rama

I popped down to Mac Pro at the weekend to check out their latest collection as I feel like I have fallen of the make up planet!

The latest collection they were promoting seemed to be the dare to wear collection which was really bright and in hindsight would have been really good to have in my collection as they were all wearing what seems to be the Sh
ock-a-holic which was a gorgeous bright purple. But me being me... I think I a am a Bobbi Brown girl at heart went for the more subtle tone:

Juxt - a beautiful pearly green
Coral - gorgeous orangey pinky colour
Bronze - which of course is a lovely bronzey goldey colour
The green, and bronze have a gorgeous pearly glow but the coral is a matt colour.

As all girls do the fun is trying it on so here we go:

The products are really bright here as I have used them wet and also the lashes are gorgeous ones from poundland believe it or not!


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