Friday, August 27, 2010

Bodyshop freebie!

So a couple of weeks ago in my Sunday boredom I picked up a copy of instyle magazine, which was giving away a free cheek and lip stain. Which at first I was quite dubious of because of 1. the colour and two it was Body shop (yes I know this is quite snobby, but I hadnt really tried or fancied buying and of their products when I had visited their shops before). 3. it was a cheek and lip stain which is something that I havent really tried before.
But I have to say it is my product of choice at the moment I have worn this everyday this week!

1. its free! If you want to repurchase at £9.50 I think I would!
2. Although the packaging shows the colour to be really bright it actually comes out a beautiful pinky red tone which is very flattering.
3. it lasts for the whole working day which you find other products such as cream blushers cant live up to.
4. As its quite a watery consistancy it is buildable and therefore could be vamped up for more of an evening blush, or dolly look if you so wish!
5. Packaging is quite sleek and almost clinique like which I really love.

1. I havent tried this but I would say that because of its consistancy I would have thought you would need to really build the product up to get a good colour on darker skin.

Other than that I cannot think of any other cons so I think its my current must have. I will post some swatches so you can see this on my skin next!


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