Sunday, August 22, 2010

More Barry M love!

So I am continuing my love of Barry M nail varnishes with two new purchases!

After much searching I managed to pick up the much coveated by beauty bloggers Barry M nail paint in Mushroom. Although i love how this colour goes on non streaking formula and not really needing that many coats (although I have now applied 3 coats), the a
ctually colour doesn't look that amazing with my skin tone. It looks on
me more like a grey colour than a beige which isnt really what I was expecting or hoping it would be like :( I think I was hoping that it would be similar to the Nails Inc colour that I believe they were giving away a while ago when you buy two bottles of coke. Its not that the colour is offensive and I am going to take it off, but I dont think its going to be up there with my favourites like the coral polish.

Superdrugs are running a 2 for £5 on Barry M nail polishes at the moment so I also picked up pink flamingo which with a tan I think will look really nice! Sitting next to my coral polish in my collection it has a similar kind of tone to it. The pink being very warm more orange than blue in the colour mix which seems to really suit a tan!
I love a lot of the brighter colours but when you are as pale as me I think they can make you look a lot paler and look alot better when you have a tan or have darker skin. The new ice cream shades will suit my pastey complexion so think these will be next on my list. Although I am really loving the colour racing green with slight excitement that I can wear this when we really get into the horrid British winter. There is something about having painted nails that can really change your mood!


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