Sunday, June 21, 2009
Out of all the 17 products I chose I have to say I am loving the green corrector liquid the most. It is fantastic when just used on areas of redness to bring the colour down. It does so with a whiting affect, so don't go cray otherwise you will look like you are trying to create your own Elizabethan look!.

The blusher is very close to the colour of Dallas by benefit but as predicted doesn't last as long. I think it may be time for me to try some new cream blushers as all powder ones i have tried never last that long and I am not the kinda girl who touches up her make up throughout the day, more of a put it on and go kinda girl! If you liked the colour of the 17 blusher I would definately try Dallas. It is a lovely burnt pink colour which is a cross between a bronzer and blusher which is my favourite colour blusher. Wouldn't bother with the applicator that comes with it!

Foundation, not loving it - think the colour I got may be a little pale and the finish isn't dazzling, coverage is very limited. My preferred foundation of the moment is defo Maybelline Dream Satin.

That's all for now!
Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Mini Haul

After leaving work today I felt in need of a treat so tried to locate a Superdrug to satisfy the craving, but all I could find were boots. Small boots at that so as we all know their make up selection isn't the best. However, I did manage to locate some lovely stuff to splurge on.

I bought:
Which is interesting stuff!! It comes out green and then changes to a natural skin colour - I cant give a proper review as I have only just tested it but I think I went a bit crazy with it as it made me very pale. I used it as you would a primer before a foundation
. The product made me go very pale but after applying make up it did make the redness go down. Which I understand this to be as green is opposite on the colour wheel so counteracts the redness. Art lesson over! It does have a lovely suncream like smell. I think only a little bit of product is required so this makes this a bargain at only a couple of quid. But it didn't help conceal the twins I have recently had appear on my face!!! - Any concealer recommendations or regimes any one can recommend as no matter what I do they still seem to be shinning through my foundation! 

As 17 products were on a 3 for 2 I also bought, Skin perfecting foundation. My new obsession seems to be foundations so expect many more reviews in the coming week as this is one thing i have never managed to get right! The colour of the foundation in the 17 range are limited to 4 for each different foundation - or just in the shop I was in! Also even if they were called the same thing in the different ranges they were a different colour which I found a little odd, but then I guess this opened them up to a lot of people but it does mean you cant just assume you are the same colour in every range. As I have only used this once I would say it gives a very light coverage - so freckles will be visible and is a lot lighter than the Maybelline product I bought but this maybe perfect for when the sun comes out, so will do a durability test between these two. I bought this in colour - fair, its shine free and claims to give a flawless finish without shine. With my use of the colour corrector I don't think that's bad - as this was only £5 it might be a bargain. I will give a wearability review on this one.:

I also picked up a blusher in plum puff which is a lovely matt only a sprinkle of sparkle brown pink. This wasn't my first choice but I do like how it looked when I trialed it - my camera isn't working so no preview photos I am afraid. I would like to do an all day trial as I find with the cheap bronzers they do not tend to stay on all day. So I will report back on this one!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mini haul

I have been on a little spree after my wander round superdrug to buy some more supplies!

I picked up 
I am always skeptical about cheap foundations but I have to say this is really nice. It does make my skin feel smooth, but does give quite good full coverage without feeling too heavy. But 
you do still need to apply concealer as it isnt a miracle solution to all skin problems!

I also treated myself to a new brush to apply this foundation:
I meant to pick up a foundation brush but picked up a powder brush instead but I have to say I like applying the foundation with this! It is soo soft and as I apply my moisturiser first with the brush and then the foundation it doesnt all soak into the brush! This was only £12 so I think thats quite reasonable for such a nice brush! Might go back and actually invest in the foundation brush but for now I am loving this brush!

So I went to see the school on Saturday! I really must have walked past that doorway about a 1,000 times and never seen the school there. But I guess that is the same with most places all over London, you only know where you need to and ignore the rest.

When I went into the school I was shown to the class and got to talk to the make up artists and students and taken through the massive collection of make up available to all students to try. I had been looking at a school where you bring your own make up however, I think having it all available to you when you study is a better idea as you can then work out what you like and what you don't so that you don't end up wasting your pennies on stuff you aren't going to use! One of the top make up artists there did seem to be quite stand off ish but I guess this industry will be quite tough so I need to grow a thicker skin and fast!

I was then talked through how all the students learn - they are given a demo by top make up artists in the morning and then made to replicate it and then after lunch they are allowed to do their own interpretation of the look. 

Each day they are also given different key brands to try so that they can work their way through what is good and what isn't!

I got to look through some of the teachers portfolios which were absolutely amazing some of their worth really was breath taking - and a little intimidating. The school specialises in fashion editorial and catwalk which all students if good enough can potentially take part in as assistants.

I am paying my deposit next week but my course wont start until November!