Wednesday, September 29, 2010
I know I am quite late on this one as I saw loads of blog posts about the Yaby Pallets but Pixiwoo's recent post about their blusher pallets has made me look into this (having recently discovered that the majority of my make up kit is full of mac I am keen to add some different brands).

The site where they got theirs is make up artist boutique which looks really good you get 20% off the price when you create an account with them as a make up artist and 10% as a student and as anyone like me trying to build a kit knows make up is not cheap when you are buying the higher market brands.

Yaby the brand was created by a make up artist in Toronto who was always looking to condence her make up kits which does make sence as my kit small though it is currently nearly fills a small suitcase ...oops! So the brand sell empties for you to condence your own products into as well as pallets which are smaller than the ones I currently own for mac and can contain either 20- 40 eyeshadows and the 15.5mm eyeshadows themselves which sell for £1.99 each on the make up artist boutique.

While I contemplate this purchase has anyone got any colour recommendations or comments on these shadows?

Shoe Wishlist

I popped into the new Kurt Geiger shop in Covent Garden yesterday evening on my way home... and I really want these....

They are £140 and suede - which isnt exactly practical for the English weather but I love them and they would look so cute with dresses and trousers!

On my wish list are also these lovely loafers... also suede which I am favouring slightly more than the Brogues that are every where! These are by Berties and are called Gunnersbury and cost £90
I am still weighing up my options so will let you know which ones I purchase!

Still no internet at home :(

Friday, September 24, 2010
Okay here is my list of things that are in and out of favour with me this month!:

* mac face and body foundation - I have been reaching for this every day so far after doing the london fashion week trial
* xcelerate rimmel mascara - love love love this!
* liz earl face cleanser - have only been using this the past 3 mornings and its amazing the difference in my skin. It feels plumper and actually my skin looks so much clearer!
* weleda body wash - its lavender and is really calming which I absolutely love!
* body shop cheek and lip stain - amazing product and gives a very natural glow to the cheeks
* benefit erase paste - been using this every morning also!
* costa coffee - nice strong coffee every morning to wake me up
* loving that hnm and zara are now online - have looked most days so will be purchasing a few items now payday is upon us!

* max factor - false lash effect mascara
* starbucks coffee - so weak that does not wake me up!
*English winter weather
* Virgin Media - my phone, internet and TV are not working and will not be up and running for a whole week :(
* neutragena pink grapefruit face wash - it smells lovely, but my skin doesnt feel amazing after using it and I still have break outs

Think thats all for now folks! until the internet is back up in my house there might not be too many posts from me x
Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Learning Hair

As a make up artist it really helps to have more than one string to your bow as I learnt from my experience at Erin's Model Sanctury (where I had to rapidly learn how to do nails).

Hair like make up is something that like the hairdresser I had today was telling me does competly transform how a person looks. But ... I have to say it has never been my fortay... why? I have the thickest hair ever which means even curling my hai
r can take hours so I never do anything extravagent with my hair! I have done a one day bridal course but I never bought the kit to practice - you need to buy one of those scary looking heads on ebay and all the products!

But... I have seen how amazing the hair has looked on the shows and the post that Lipglossing
included the most gorgeous hairstyles which you realise that if you can include hair in your portfolio of skills you can tailor your look rather than only working on half and leaving someone else to use their own interpretation of the image you are try
ing to portray with the model.

So... I am a bit of an advocate of AOFM having done my make up course there. Although they do not include any kit whatsover you can use all the kit at the school and each day you are taught by different teachers who work as session stylists within the industry. The school also allows you to assist the teachers at London Fashion week so this is something I think would be really important for people like me who are not the best at hair!! But you never know I might find I am a born natural I suppose. The course at this school costs £800 which I don't personally think is that bad!

This the image which I would love to be able to create and was featured on lipglossings blog but also is the propery of st tropez is a really cool site online for you to learn the basics in hair so will be watching some of her videos to see if I can master some of these beautiful hair dos we have been seeing on the catwalk x


So I went to get my haircut after a number of weeks ... uhum... months.... being hairdresser shy!

My normal hairdresser was away on holiday so I had to have someone else who was insistant on telling me that I should dye my hair and not that happy that the cut was not that varying from my original cut. As hairdressers and make up artists I think i
ts important to listen to your clients!!!

She had an elfin like cut and was bleached blonde which I absolutely love but it isnt me! I love the edgy cuts but think unless someone gave me the Britains next top model make over I wouldn't know what to go for.

For now I am quite happy with my haircut and will leave the edgy cuts to the hairdressers for now! que cheesy pic of new haircut...

I love the products they use at my local salon they are all L'anza which you can buy here
I will definately be purchasing some of these when my current shampoo runs out... o and maybe visiting the hairdressers more often to stop getting a ticking off!!!

Feeling inspired 2!

So here is my version of the Pixiwoo look:

For a first attempt I am quite happy with this! - plus I was all out of cotton buds so think this is good going!!

I used - sorry I have only just realised what a mac -a- thon this was but hey!

mac eyeliner - blacktracks love love love this eyeliner!
mac eyeshadow - black tide
mac eye pencil - smolder
mac face and body - mixed c3 and c5 so probably averaging around a c4 at present!
mac lipstick - las vegas volt
brows a go go by benefit - so there was one product that wasn't mac in there!!

Did anyone else try this look?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Feeling inspired!

An amazing video posted by Pixiwoo....

After doing the eyeliner on the fashion show on Saturday I am no longer feeling the fear of the eyeliner and just saw this video and feel inspired. This is definitely something I will be trying... If I manage to fit that in soon my pics will accompany this post!

This was my first ever show at London Fashion Week and I was booked to assistLouise Dartford who I mentioned in my previous post when I went on the trial to do the shows.

The brief was dark lips, amazing eyeliner flicks and contouring. It looked amazing.. and scary at the same time! But all fashion shows have a call time of 4 hours before and there were 6 make up artists and 14 models to be done so this show was not that stressed. The most stressful part wasthe fact that the designer had not done a test with the make up artist or hair people and so on the day with two hours to spare the look was agreed... if I was the head artist I would definitelty have been having kittens!

When we turned up into this amazing building - it kinda reminded me of a school with the main halls and various rooms coming off of it and in each room people doing hair/ make up/ fitting models in clothing.

Because of the idea of what the make up was to look like was not agreed straight away I worked on four models in the end - taking off the make up from the past show, cleansing,toning and moistorising and then finally putting on the bases and the amazing eye flicks and then sent them off to the main artist to be perfected for continuity while someone else did the contouring and someone else the lips.

There was one girl who turned up at 6 and the show was due to start at 6.15 so in this pic you can actually see the nail technician, make up artists and hair people all working their magic at the same time. Hats off to anyone who can still do perfect eyeliner in this condition!!!

Here are some of my pics from back stage...
for any of you who like me have a love affair with the City it did seem exactly like the backstage footage where Whitney was doing the line up dressing models etc!

I was going to add this to the last post but it was getting too long!

So heres what I got in my freebie bag -

Rimmel Nail Varnishes in:
210 ethereal
400 blue vogue
319 rubie me
matte finish nail polish - this product is an amazing idea, it changes the nail varnish into a matt topcoat

Rimmel Eyeshadows in:
grey eyeshadow - 300 night jewel
blue eyeshadow - 500 posh peacock

Rimmel lash accelerator mascara - which I am actually in love with, this is beating sexy curves

lipstick in diva red 500
stay glossy lipstick

Elizabeth Hurley banana and chocolate organic oat bar??

Liz earle - cleanse and polish face wash which I am really excited about trying

Lavender creamy body wash - Weleda

And I absolutely love the bag :
Firstly sorry for the lack of updates it has been the most crazy past few days....

So starting at the beginning...
I turned up to the Rimmel event not sure what to expect! But from the moment we got there I realised what an amazing experience it was to be a part of it!
Me and another make up artist that were booked from my school - who also couldn't do nails I might add!! ek!

So we strolled up to the door and who is behind us... Erin O'connor who lets us in. Its one of those moments where you really aren't sure what to think haha! And after that I got to touch up her make up - evidence below haha!

The event as we are told by the Rimmel representative that this is Erin's Model Sanctury which has been going for three years. Its a place where they invite models to the sanctury to relax, have access to free healthy food and drink, information on nutrition. It offers a central relaxation point for models to drop in during their busy schedule and have access to information while recharging between shows.Erin O’Connor commented on Fashion United: “Fashion week to a catwalk model is frantic. It is filled will castings, fittings and fashion shows, all happening at different locations throughout the city. Add into this that 80% of the models working here aren’t London based, some flying in at the last minute. We offer a free, safe, relaxing place in a central location where you can find out information on the city, meet like minded people and if required have access to nutritionists and therapists – it is a sanctuary in the true sense of the word.”

Our job was to do peoples make up, offer Manicures and Pedicures in the Rimmel room but they had so many things on offer from the gym by Reebok, a nutritionist, Liz Earle staff offering facials, massages and healthy food by Leon - I so want their recipe book now their food was amazing!

So heres a peek around this amazing house!

To see me giving a pedicure look here! - yep that is me but I would just like to say she had pulled acrylic off her nails so thats why they are so bumpy it wasn't my paint job... Any nail technicians out there if you could let me know how you should combat that, that would be amazing for future reference!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010
So unfortunately assisting for Lan Nyguen has been cancelled so I am only doing one show at London fashion week which was really disappointing... apparently my school booked people for a show she had already chosen her team for :( but on the bright side I am still doing the show on Saturday so not a total loss!

As the Friday show was cancelled I was offered two Rimmel shows - the exact details and what these entail I am not sure! I was just told to bring my make up brushes but after I received the booking it turns out I have to be able to manicure... which I cant! Panic... panic! I have explained and they have booked extra artists for this but I still have to buy the basic stuff... so I have been consuming you tube videos to try and work out what I need in my basic kit and have a basic understanding of nails just in case my newly acquired knowledge and skills are called upon.

So in my basic kit it seems:

  • Nail varnish remover
  • small towel
  • small bowl
  • cotton balls and buds
  • nail file (but one of those buffer ones!)
  • orange sticks
  • maybe some cuticle softener
  • cream for cubicles
  • cream for hand
  • nail clippers
The most useful videos I found were

This one - they have removed the embedding code so cant add this one in I'm afraid

and this one -
if anyone has any other videos or products they can recommend let me know! Nothing like a bit of pressure... wish me luck x

Mac Discount Card

So I have finally got myself the Mac Pro discount card... that's right 35% off products, so I will be uploading my mac haul from the weekend!

If your a make up artist you have to provide them with:
your certificates
a business card
and a casting call
You will be given a temporary card to start using right away and your permanent card will be sent off for. Instant card is both good (as you can benefit from the discount there and then) and bad (for the bank balance as you no longer think you shouldn't buy this or that as its all discounted) at the same time!
Happy spending!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So... after attending the masterclass to get into London Fashion Week you suddenly realise all the products you are missing from your kit... and of course the ones the other artists had that you quite simply cannot live without!

So ready armed with my Mac Pro discount
card.. I bought:
Face and body by mac in C1 and C3 as running low - i was never really a fan of this product
while I was at make up school but having used it on the day and the following day since I actually really love the finish of the product. Its very dewy but you can build the coverage as the first person who did my make up with it blended three colour together and I definitely looked like I was wearing a full coverage product!

next I bought two of the eyeshadows from the look I posted which were texture and embark

as one of the key things I was recommended for my kit was a nice red lipstick and pencil so I also picked up the gorgeous Russian red lipstick with matching lip pencil in the colour brick!

Final things I brought were make up brushes:
The closest fan shaped brush seems to be a firm favourite with make up artists who have taught me for putting mascara on the bottom lashes.

The middle brush is a small angled brush that is absolutely perfect for eyeliner! I love this brush already!

The top brush is 185 is a small version of the stippling brush which I bought as when I was taught by Rachel Wood she showed us to put the foundation on with a normal flat foundation brush but then to buff the product into the skin for a flawless finish which I am hoping this brush will be good for!

Sunday, September 12, 2010
As you all know its London Fashion Week next week!!!

Through the make up school I studied at I went for a trial yesterday to see if I could get on the team to assist one of the head artists for the shows at Vauxhall Fashion Scout.

The day was officially scary! It was set up like a test, we were shown the look
we were expected to do. First we did the look on our partners
and then the two teachers judged and marked our efforts (think Master Chef for make up - need to conceal more here, your line could have been more even etc!) Swapped over so our partners could get their turn and were judged. Then of course we broke for lu
nch which if you were like me were so nervous that you could not stomach any proper food. Back for one more demo and were copied and redone by us again.

The teachers who were testing us were: Louise Dartord and Jo Sugar. I am sorry to report I have no pictures of the make up by the teachers- but as one of the looks was roughly the look being done on one of the shows it was a bit top secret, but fear not I did manage to get pics of the final look that we produced!

So this first one I apologise due to bad lighting you can't see the ey
es but you can see my fabulous contouring I did on my partner:

I did a close up on my own eyes that my partner did on me but I
had taken it down from my eyebrow as looked a bit much for my train ride home! It was a very beautiful bronzed look with lots of contour!

Me and my partner both got through so I will be working on the following shows:

Prophetik - head artist Lan Ngyuen - Friday 17th
Fashion Shenzen - head artist Louise Dartford - Saturday 18th

very very excited!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010
Pixi is a brand that isn't available everywhere but is starting to get more and more well known.

I first saw it on and my favourite youtuber Pixiwoo! They have a lovely shop on Carnaby street which I love to visit with their beautiful boutique shop. (Which while I was there I noticed Illamasqua are setting up shop round the corner ... slightly excited by this hehe!)

So... the brand was created by Petra who is a make up artist with 20 years experience (which is definitely a plus point as being founded by a make up artist you know you are getting products that professionals use and understand the flaws in other products they have used in the past).

I went into the store today to have a run through of their new product range... o where to begin!

Pixi's key products are bases which is key to any make up, if your skin does not look amazing it doesn't matter how beautiful your eyeshadow or the amazing colour blush.

The first new product they had is the flawless beauty stick, which reminds me of benefits playstick or Bobbi Brown's coverstick but not quite so heavy coverage and neither of the other products have the satin feel that this one does. Of all the products I tried today this was a definite favourite! The only downside is this product currently only has three shades which are all nearing the pale shade so for anyone with darker skin would be best to stick to Bobbi Brown that offers an astounding 20 shades if you are looking for a heavier base which will cover any skin imperfections (personally I like to use these as concealers!)

The next product is the illuminating tint and conceal which I love!! its a tinted moisturiser with a matching concealer cap which is fantastic from a price point of view and space in the make up
bag, no longer having to carry umpteen products, like many in this companies range they are
within the same packaging for £20 which I think is an absolute bargain!!

At the moment I am having a long love affair with blush so the next products I
was drawn to was the sheer cheek gels which are like cheek stains, the reason I love these is as it give a natural glow that you wouldn't get with a powder, and can also be used as a lip stain also.

My final discovery, was the smokey eye primer, which actually acts as a base much like a mac shadesticks which I remember seeing Lauren Luke use starting my youtube obsession with beauty videos! This works as a primer and has a slightly darker colour that is almost mauve which would look cool as a smokey eye on its own on lighter skin but when another colour is put on top really makes the colour pop and look almost metallic!
so... these are my top four products that I saw today! I will be continuing to compile my list of products for my stand in a London salon for which I will be doing makeovers for clients using Pixi products! So if anyone has a Pixi must have let me know!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010
As autumn/ winter is fast approaching (scarily) all the make up brands are launching their

One of which is of course Nars:

I'm absolutely loving the whole element of this make up in this promotion image. Obviously the average jo would not block out their eyebrows and extend them that far up or pale out their skin that much but the eyeshadow, lashes, blush and lipstick look AMAZING! (Daphne Eyeshadow, Mangrove eyeshadow, douceur blush, rouge basque lipstick).

Nars, you are making my autumn collection purchas
es difficult to make without going overboard!

I would love this image to appear in his book
Make Up Your Mind. As I would love to see how the model looked before to get an understanding of the transformation and application process Francois Nars used! For those of you who don't have this book in your collection I would definitely say this is a must with beautiful before and after pictures which have a see through page on which the shape of the products and what they
were are listed to give you an idea of how you could recreate the looks yourself
Monday, September 6, 2010

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