Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Feeling inspired 2!

So here is my version of the Pixiwoo look:

For a first attempt I am quite happy with this! - plus I was all out of cotton buds so think this is good going!!

I used - sorry I have only just realised what a mac -a- thon this was but hey!

mac eyeliner - blacktracks love love love this eyeliner!
mac eyeshadow - black tide
mac eye pencil - smolder
mac face and body - mixed c3 and c5 so probably averaging around a c4 at present!
mac lipstick - las vegas volt
brows a go go by benefit - so there was one product that wasn't mac in there!!

Did anyone else try this look?


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  1. This is such a great look, I love it! Did you use the MAC eyeliner Blacktracks on your waterline, too?

    Cute blog, by the way! I love the background you picked.

  2. I used the mac eye pencil in smolder along the waterline! I think it was a very cool and inspiring look so good fun to try to recreate!

    Thanks glad you like it

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