Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rimmel shows

So unfortunately assisting for Lan Nyguen has been cancelled so I am only doing one show at London fashion week which was really disappointing... apparently my school booked people for a show she had already chosen her team for :( but on the bright side I am still doing the show on Saturday so not a total loss!

As the Friday show was cancelled I was offered two Rimmel shows - the exact details and what these entail I am not sure! I was just told to bring my make up brushes but after I received the booking it turns out I have to be able to manicure... which I cant! Panic... panic! I have explained and they have booked extra artists for this but I still have to buy the basic stuff... so I have been consuming you tube videos to try and work out what I need in my basic kit and have a basic understanding of nails just in case my newly acquired knowledge and skills are called upon.

So in my basic kit it seems:

  • Nail varnish remover
  • small towel
  • small bowl
  • cotton balls and buds
  • nail file (but one of those buffer ones!)
  • orange sticks
  • maybe some cuticle softener
  • cream for cubicles
  • cream for hand
  • nail clippers
The most useful videos I found were

This one - they have removed the embedding code so cant add this one in I'm afraid

and this one -
if anyone has any other videos or products they can recommend let me know! Nothing like a bit of pressure... wish me luck x


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