Tuesday, September 7, 2010


As autumn/ winter is fast approaching (scarily) all the make up brands are launching their

One of which is of course Nars:

I'm absolutely loving the whole element of this make up in this promotion image. Obviously the average jo would not block out their eyebrows and extend them that far up or pale out their skin that much but the eyeshadow, lashes, blush and lipstick look AMAZING! (Daphne Eyeshadow, Mangrove eyeshadow, douceur blush, rouge basque lipstick).

Nars, you are making my autumn collection purchas
es difficult to make without going overboard!

I would love this image to appear in his book
Make Up Your Mind. As I would love to see how the model looked before to get an understanding of the transformation and application process Francois Nars used! For those of you who don't have this book in your collection I would definitely say this is a must with beautiful before and after pictures which have a see through page on which the shape of the products and what they
were are listed to give you an idea of how you could recreate the looks yourself


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