Wednesday, September 8, 2010
Pixi is a brand that isn't available everywhere but is starting to get more and more well known.

I first saw it on and my favourite youtuber Pixiwoo! They have a lovely shop on Carnaby street which I love to visit with their beautiful boutique shop. (Which while I was there I noticed Illamasqua are setting up shop round the corner ... slightly excited by this hehe!)

So... the brand was created by Petra who is a make up artist with 20 years experience (which is definitely a plus point as being founded by a make up artist you know you are getting products that professionals use and understand the flaws in other products they have used in the past).

I went into the store today to have a run through of their new product range... o where to begin!

Pixi's key products are bases which is key to any make up, if your skin does not look amazing it doesn't matter how beautiful your eyeshadow or the amazing colour blush.

The first new product they had is the flawless beauty stick, which reminds me of benefits playstick or Bobbi Brown's coverstick but not quite so heavy coverage and neither of the other products have the satin feel that this one does. Of all the products I tried today this was a definite favourite! The only downside is this product currently only has three shades which are all nearing the pale shade so for anyone with darker skin would be best to stick to Bobbi Brown that offers an astounding 20 shades if you are looking for a heavier base which will cover any skin imperfections (personally I like to use these as concealers!)

The next product is the illuminating tint and conceal which I love!! its a tinted moisturiser with a matching concealer cap which is fantastic from a price point of view and space in the make up
bag, no longer having to carry umpteen products, like many in this companies range they are
within the same packaging for £20 which I think is an absolute bargain!!

At the moment I am having a long love affair with blush so the next products I
was drawn to was the sheer cheek gels which are like cheek stains, the reason I love these is as it give a natural glow that you wouldn't get with a powder, and can also be used as a lip stain also.

My final discovery, was the smokey eye primer, which actually acts as a base much like a mac shadesticks which I remember seeing Lauren Luke use starting my youtube obsession with beauty videos! This works as a primer and has a slightly darker colour that is almost mauve which would look cool as a smokey eye on its own on lighter skin but when another colour is put on top really makes the colour pop and look almost metallic!
so... these are my top four products that I saw today! I will be continuing to compile my list of products for my stand in a London salon for which I will be doing makeovers for clients using Pixi products! So if anyone has a Pixi must have let me know!


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