Monday, September 20, 2010
This was my first ever show at London Fashion Week and I was booked to assistLouise Dartford who I mentioned in my previous post when I went on the trial to do the shows.

The brief was dark lips, amazing eyeliner flicks and contouring. It looked amazing.. and scary at the same time! But all fashion shows have a call time of 4 hours before and there were 6 make up artists and 14 models to be done so this show was not that stressed. The most stressful part wasthe fact that the designer had not done a test with the make up artist or hair people and so on the day with two hours to spare the look was agreed... if I was the head artist I would definitelty have been having kittens!

When we turned up into this amazing building - it kinda reminded me of a school with the main halls and various rooms coming off of it and in each room people doing hair/ make up/ fitting models in clothing.

Because of the idea of what the make up was to look like was not agreed straight away I worked on four models in the end - taking off the make up from the past show, cleansing,toning and moistorising and then finally putting on the bases and the amazing eye flicks and then sent them off to the main artist to be perfected for continuity while someone else did the contouring and someone else the lips.

There was one girl who turned up at 6 and the show was due to start at 6.15 so in this pic you can actually see the nail technician, make up artists and hair people all working their magic at the same time. Hats off to anyone who can still do perfect eyeliner in this condition!!!

Here are some of my pics from back stage...
for any of you who like me have a love affair with the City it did seem exactly like the backstage footage where Whitney was doing the line up dressing models etc!


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