Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So I went to get my haircut after a number of weeks ... uhum... months.... being hairdresser shy!

My normal hairdresser was away on holiday so I had to have someone else who was insistant on telling me that I should dye my hair and not that happy that the cut was not that varying from my original cut. As hairdressers and make up artists I think i
ts important to listen to your clients!!!

She had an elfin like cut and was bleached blonde which I absolutely love but it isnt me! I love the edgy cuts but think unless someone gave me the Britains next top model make over I wouldn't know what to go for.

For now I am quite happy with my haircut and will leave the edgy cuts to the hairdressers for now! que cheesy pic of new haircut...

I love the products they use at my local salon they are all L'anza which you can buy here
I will definately be purchasing some of these when my current shampoo runs out... o and maybe visiting the hairdressers more often to stop getting a ticking off!!!


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