Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Learning Hair

As a make up artist it really helps to have more than one string to your bow as I learnt from my experience at Erin's Model Sanctury (where I had to rapidly learn how to do nails).

Hair like make up is something that like the hairdresser I had today was telling me does competly transform how a person looks. But ... I have to say it has never been my fortay... why? I have the thickest hair ever which means even curling my hai
r can take hours so I never do anything extravagent with my hair! I have done a one day bridal course but I never bought the kit to practice - you need to buy one of those scary looking heads on ebay and all the products!

But... I have seen how amazing the hair has looked on the shows and the post that Lipglossing
included the most gorgeous hairstyles which you realise that if you can include hair in your portfolio of skills you can tailor your look rather than only working on half and leaving someone else to use their own interpretation of the image you are try
ing to portray with the model.

So... I am a bit of an advocate of AOFM having done my make up course there. Although they do not include any kit whatsover you can use all the kit at the school and each day you are taught by different teachers who work as session stylists within the industry. The school also allows you to assist the teachers at London Fashion week so this is something I think would be really important for people like me who are not the best at hair!! But you never know I might find I am a born natural I suppose. The course at this school costs £800 which I don't personally think is that bad!

This the image which I would love to be able to create and was featured on lipglossings blog but also is the propery of st tropez is a really cool site online for you to learn the basics in hair so will be watching some of her videos to see if I can master some of these beautiful hair dos we have been seeing on the catwalk x


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