Monday, September 20, 2010

Rimmel Event

Firstly sorry for the lack of updates it has been the most crazy past few days....

So starting at the beginning...
I turned up to the Rimmel event not sure what to expect! But from the moment we got there I realised what an amazing experience it was to be a part of it!
Me and another make up artist that were booked from my school - who also couldn't do nails I might add!! ek!

So we strolled up to the door and who is behind us... Erin O'connor who lets us in. Its one of those moments where you really aren't sure what to think haha! And after that I got to touch up her make up - evidence below haha!

The event as we are told by the Rimmel representative that this is Erin's Model Sanctury which has been going for three years. Its a place where they invite models to the sanctury to relax, have access to free healthy food and drink, information on nutrition. It offers a central relaxation point for models to drop in during their busy schedule and have access to information while recharging between shows.Erin O’Connor commented on Fashion United: “Fashion week to a catwalk model is frantic. It is filled will castings, fittings and fashion shows, all happening at different locations throughout the city. Add into this that 80% of the models working here aren’t London based, some flying in at the last minute. We offer a free, safe, relaxing place in a central location where you can find out information on the city, meet like minded people and if required have access to nutritionists and therapists – it is a sanctuary in the true sense of the word.”

Our job was to do peoples make up, offer Manicures and Pedicures in the Rimmel room but they had so many things on offer from the gym by Reebok, a nutritionist, Liz Earle staff offering facials, massages and healthy food by Leon - I so want their recipe book now their food was amazing!

So heres a peek around this amazing house!

To see me giving a pedicure look here! - yep that is me but I would just like to say she had pulled acrylic off her nails so thats why they are so bumpy it wasn't my paint job... Any nail technicians out there if you could let me know how you should combat that, that would be amazing for future reference!


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