Wednesday, December 29, 2010


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I love this look!

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I have got three gorgeous new arrivals for my kit:

Chanel blusher in Tweed fushia - this colour is gorgeous - I think a face of the day shot will be in order to show you quite how amazing this product is. It has a light coral pink colour as the undertone with gorgeous shades of fushia patterned across the top with flecks of beautiful gold. When applied the gold does come out quite a bit which I didn't expect but the colour is very pigmented also so a little goes a long way which due to the price tag is a good thing!

Follow your fantasy eye shadow from the tartan tale mac new collection. I say new but all you beauty bloggers know that this has been around for some time. At first I like everyone else wasn't that convinced but whilst shopping a couple of days ago I feel in love with this eyeshadows bronzey goldern brown warm hue. When I went, the store only had two shadows left and now I wish I had also picked up 'a wish come true' which is a warm pink colour. If anyone can tell me a dupe for this I will be over the moon as I am currently kicking myself for having missed out!
I love the tartan on the packaging - i think its taken time for mac collections to get to me but I am looking forward to the next collections release!

Finally I bought mac lipstick blankety!! I know where have I been? its a gorgeous colour which I used on a shoot with another make up artist. This colour is beautiful and suits almost all skin tones. I plan to build up my nude lipstick kit so I need some inspiration people:

mac - hue, highly strung? please me? answers on a postcard as I would like to pull together a series of lipstick pallets which I saw Lisa Eldridge mention in some of her videos.

So if anyone has any recommendations ... x


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I came across this brand some time ago in Grazia magazine they started in 2004 selling their range on Portabello market. As an advocate of smaller designers and brands this instantly got my attention. I am one of these people who has post its and lists of places and things to check out that I have read about and want to save to check out on a later date. Ducie became one of these are I love their range of clothes:

Pictures - Ducie website and blog

Check out their website! Can anyone recommend any cool new designers/shops they have discovered? x

The Remedi - Sample sale

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I popped along to the Remedi's sample sale back a couple of weeks back it took some finding, but they have a really cute space in shoreditch. For those of you who missed it...

They have a lot of gorgeous elegant evening dresses which you can see from some of their visuals:

Prices are in line with brands such as Coast and Whistles for their products.

But I am a sucker for their jewelery I have picked up the most gorgeous bracelet while I was in their store:

I love this bracelets brassy colour and the squares have a reflective green edge which adds another dimension to the bracelet. I have quite small wrists but as you can see from the first picture it doesn't seem to swamp it!

 I have just been checking out their site and they have some lovely pieces:

If you get a change check out their website

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas everyone! hope you all had a lovely day yesterday and are planning plenty more over the festive season x
Wednesday, December 8, 2010

November Favourites

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Sorry for the absent spells .... things have been so busy of late! Updates of my recent work to follow... been told to keep my lips sealed until its published woohoo!

Okay my November favourites:

  • I have really been into my SKINCARE this month and have been making a big effort to reverse my routine:
  • So I have been concentrating on my night time routine over the day time, washing and cleansing my face with the gorgeous Liz earle hot cloth cleanser 
  • followed by vichys night normaderm (if any of you have suffered a recent break out then you haaaaaaave to try this! I may add a separate post about hooow amazing this product is! 
  • then follow up by instead of eye cream using Vaseline on and around my eyes. This seems to stop them looking puffy in the morning! 
  • My final step has been Pixis ammmmaaaaaaaaazing lip balm this unlike Vaseline lasts such a long time and has put my lips back into shape :)
  • I have been loving Andrew Barton's Gloss Boss shampoo and conditioner - I want to finish the bottle before I give a complete review but I can already notice how much glossier my hair looks :)
  • Uniqlo - if any of you have not been to this shop you are missing out I love this place. I bought some gorgeous dresses and leggings.... blog posts of these to follow I am sure :)
  • Eye make up - I have been loving the pixi pallet I recently blogged about as this is so good for day and evening and doesn't mean have to drag mountains of stuff with me :) 
Short but sweet! that's all for now folk! what have you been loving this month?


Sunday, November 28, 2010


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Todays Sunday afternoon movie gave me some make up inspiration from the 1980s! Splash - 1984s film with Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks:


Pixi Pallet

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I have already tweeted about my lovely purchase already so I thought I should blog about it as well!

My newest make up purchase is this lovely Pixi winter wake up eyes pallet that is absolutely gorgeous and an absolute bargain at £9 for 12 eye shadows. They are so soft in formulation and are great for everyday make up but also have darker hues to vamp up any look for an evening look. Here's my day time eye close up I used the bottom rows first colour all over the lid and then the gold from the second row, third along in the corner of my eye.

Anyone else tried this? x
Sunday, November 21, 2010


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I am currently trawling the internet looking for some make up shots as inspiration for a snow shoot coming up and came across these gorgeous images of Beyonce in Italian Vogue in the style of 1930s hollywood and thought I would share these gorgeous images with you:

Enjoy x
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I have been soooo busy and can only apologise for my lack of posts as a result! I am updating my twitter daily so feel free to catch up with me on there!

Last Sunday I did a Wella Hair show along with 4 other make up artists from my make up school. The Wella HQ is not far from Oxford Circus and is in one of those gorgeous old London buildings with over 5 floors.

The show was to showcase the students work on male and female models. Every salon in London had their own team to show case their work. We were there all day as there were two catwalk shows, firstly for friends and family. The final show was seen by all the assistants so they can see everyones work. I am still waiting for the official photos from the event but here are a few of my shots from backstage!

Saturday, November 13, 2010
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Apologies for the lack of posts of late, things have really been crazy at work :(

Before I sent the Collection 2000 products back to the agency I thought I would do a quick natural FOD to see what I thought of the products on me and how long they lasted! I trialed their black felt pen eyeliner, the black mascara and blush:

 I have to say my initial reservations about the felt pen eyeliner were unfounded, this is a gorgeous product that yes does not move but does come off very easily with eye make up remover. 

Mascara - has a similar brush to bad gal by benefit and creates a similar effect - but only costs £3
Blusher - I loved this but it didn't really last the distance, I am currently preferring the check stains as they do look like I have the product on when i check my make up at the end of the day.

Dermalogica review to come as have been trialing this all week x
Sunday, November 7, 2010


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Just been going through my portfolio of work and here is a fashion show that I worked on that was covered by Fashion TV for Maison de Mode. This was one of my first fashion shows I worked on so was sooooooo nervous! It is always sooooo hard to get hold of copies of your work from events like this!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Kit: Blusher

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Continuing my current topic of products in my kit, here are my blushers! I have to say my kit is pretty small in this regard and I am currently building, but all the products you see I feel are a strong core to build upon. If like me you are still building your kit, you will find that you only really buy products for specific jobs, as its a justification for allowing the beauty splurge. As when you are starting out you don't want to be stuck with a lot of make up, that is just going to go off and that you aren't going to benefit from.

First starting with the current favourites from sleek in Raspberry and rose gold. I actually loved these products which I was really surprised about. They are very wearable despite the glitter. I am not sure how these products would fair on a photo shoot but for everyday make up or going out make up I think is gorgeous!

Dallas by Benefit gorgeous colour that I use both as bronzer and blush as it has a beige undertone to this pink blusher.

The two gorgeous shimmer bricks I own are by Bobbi Brown. These are gorgeous and I think they are a fantastic compact that everyone should have in their collection, make up artist or otherwise! They are a multi purpose product that can be eyeshadow, blush or highlighter. I have the bronze and rose shimmer bricks, but I have just had a peak at the Bobbi Brown website and they now do necture which is a gorgeous peach colour! (One for the shopping list!) Shimmer bricks aren't cheap but when you look at the number of things you can do with this product I don't think £30 is bad!
A mineralise skin finish which is gorgeous been known to use this too as an eyeshadow, blush and highlight!

Last but not least my mac pallet! The three browns that you can see in this pallet are contour colours which I have on good authority suit everyone! They are amazing, I love them especially when I am using a foundation that is full full coverage and hides all pigmentation in peoples skin as this really puts the life back.
I love the bright, bright pink but the other two are more brown based pinks as you can see a theme following here! I love these colours they look so natural on the skin and give a gorgeous glow. Colours in order top row, right to left: breath of plum, shadester, pink swoon bottom row: definitive, mocha, sculpt

Until the next kit installment ! x

China Glaze rave!

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If any of you have been following me on twitter you would know that this past week has left me feeling pretty low. So today I have been investing in myself to make me feel better... with a haircut, treatment and a nail paint. Pampering never fails to give you the lift you need :)

I am loving the colour on my nails so much I had to blog about it!
I am lets face it a little bit in love with nail varnish.
 I like my nails quite short which I think looks absolutely amaaaaazing with dark colours. So at my local 'salon?' not sure what to call it really, I selected the most beautiful deep red polish with flecks of red glitter. I was a bit dubious as I HATE the polishes which are shimmery. They somehow despite the nails neatness, on me at least, look a mess and quite often make my skin look even paler than my ghostly white tone it already is!

The brand the girl used was China Glaze - I have never tried anything from this brand's collection, although I know it is a firm favourite in blog land! I did some quick research to see what I could find out, but, to be honest I am lacking in the information stakes. From their site I can see its a professional product, which has been going for 13 years and based in LA but other than that I am quite clueless...

The colour I had painted was part of their new Vintage Vixen range in the gorgeous colour Riverter Rouge. The product itself - although of course I wasn't using it!- appeared very gloppy with a lot coming off on the brush at once which can hinder  neat application so would be interested to trial this product for myself. Of course in professional hands there was no problem! One coat would have been sufficient although mine do have two and no top coat as the polish itself does have glossy glow already to it.

Others in the Vintage Vixen Collection which have caught my eye are:

Bogie - it has an almost purpely black background colour with turquoise and blue flecks!

Classic Carmel - this just looks classy I can see this worn with a strong red lip and black eyeliner and a skirt suit and heels. Something about this polish screams elegance!

and my final favourite:

Midnight mission - this is a funky colour that could add an edge to a boring black outfit, or would look good on toes!

I think some china glaze products will be the next things to be added to my shopping list x
Wednesday, November 3, 2010

October Favourites

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Okay here are the products I have been loving in the month of October!
Weleda lavender body wash- I am definitely mourning the loss of this product now its finished. I loved it as it is so moisturising and the beautiful fragrance made me feel relaxed in the morning before work! Love love love this product its definitely on my list to repurchase.

Liz Earle hot Cloth cleanse and polish- loving this one as you can tell from my previous post.

Vichy moisturiser another product I love!!- check out my post on this if you haven't already!

Bobbi brown shimmer bricks I have been using these in my daily make up over the last couple of months. I am currently using them as eyeshaddows only using one colour on the lid all the way up to the brow bone it really makes my eyes look bigger and brighter but because of the subtle hue of the colours it doesn't look too much!

Rimmel mascara I am feeling the love for the sexy curves mascara again! This product is fantastic I love that the brush isn't too big, the mascara is buildable without clumps and it evenly separates my lashes.

Blusher I can't say I have been particularly faithful to one blusher this month. I love the two sleek blushers I bought with all their shimmery glory! But I have since re found the love for benefit blusher in Dallas! So these have been the big 3 in my life this month.

Not wearing foundation - been foundation free for my day time looks just concealing any blemishes not sure why but loving this at the moment

The Mac 205 brush for applying mascara is my absolute must this month its fantastic for getting mascara right to the roots. perfect for coloured mascara ;)

that's all for now folks x

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dermalogica Kit

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In order to receive some free Dermologica products, I was told to send proof of completion of my make up course and a business card... simple enough? It has taken me 11 months to get round to doing this.... But I am glad I finally got round to it. Here's what I received:

All for free!!!! right to left - daily microfoliant, ultracalming cleanser, special cleansing gel, skin smoothing cream, skin hydrating booster, multi active cleanser, active moist moisturiser).

As my make up school was sponsored by this brand, we used these each class so I am familiar with some of the products. So once trialed and tested (he he can't wait!) I will give you an update on each product.

hope you all had a lovely weekend x
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I worked yesterday in the Ealing superdrug to promote the new collection 2000 extreme range which consisted of three coloured mascaras and eyeliners. All products in the promotion are 2.99 or two products for £5.

Collection 2000 as a brand are one that many years ago I would have put amongst the likes of Rimmel aimed at the young teenage market. Rimmel has since employed Kate Moss and many others to turn the brand into a cool late teen to 30s brand.
Collection 2000 in comparison have been more of a quiet brand! It in my opinion is more of a very teenage range which should be placed along with NYC despite the marketing bumf stating 18 -30.

I am always keen to try these brands ranges as they aren't something I would buy of my own accord and I get to test them on a variety of people to see if they really do work. My biggest love out of all the products I was given to use is their blue mascara. I love love love this product!! I was once upon a time put off coloured mascara after trialing a blue Barry M mascara which didn't really knock back any of the dark colour of my lashes so didn't really give the full colour effect. The collection 2000 product does work and if you are looking for a colour mascara but want to trial a cheap one this is one I would try!

(Image from

The purple and teal aren't as strong in colour so I would suggest this would work better with blonde lashes but as none of my makeover candidates yesterday were blonde I wasn't able to put this theory to the test! (The colours on dark to black lashes had little effect, just a hint of colour).

The felt pen eyeliners - I can definitely vouch that they do not move, I still cannot get the green and blue liners off my hand... could be seen as a good thing but I have to say this is one of the aspects that normally puts me off a product (YSL faux cils mascara... amazing but wouldn't buy again as don't want to remove my lashes trying to get it off!!) In terms of application the pen does make it far easier to apply so although it is a good product for someone who normally finds liner hard to do the fact that it isn't going to move would mean you have to be super fast when making any corrections!

This promotions has not yet come to an end so look out for further makeover stations in your local Superdrug.

Anyone tried these products or this range? x
Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Feeling inspired!

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I am loving making more of the under eye rather than always making the eyelid more of a focus.

Stephanie Pratt from the hills - missing this series :(

and the fashion pages of this weeks stylist

Sunday, October 24, 2010
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Just wanted to give a quick update!
On my nails I was sporting the gorgeous shocking pink polish by Barry m, the reason this is no longer the case is... as it is Sunday me and the boyfriend attacked the house with our weekly chores. After spending hours on the house every single nail was chipped apart from my thumb, which as you can see from the picture, was almost still intact! So that is slightly disappointing so Barry M clearly doesn't work through washing up, scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom and washing floors! Gorgeous colour though!

The reason I have my nails painted this gorgeous colour is I was booked in to work as part of the impulse promotion for their new body spray, very pink. If you are following me on twitter you will already know I was working in Superdrugs where if you buy this product you get your nails painted pink for free!

The three colours on offer were strawberry, bright pink or shocking pink! I have to say I personally found that the paler pink colours were quite gloppy in formulation and therefore looked quite streaky even after a couple of coats.

The impulse product itself seemed to do well with young girls - as we all loved a bit of impulse at school. And elder ladies 40+ which was interesting. What did I think of the scent ... I would have to say its not one for me. In my opinion it reminds me a bit of elnet + fruit! Impulse describes it as: " a sparkling blend of pink grapefruit with a sweet base of vanilla scents that will inspire the most romantic gestures.

So if you like sweet smelling body sprays this is the one for you! The promotion is running next weeks so if your lucky it may be in a superdrug near you next week

Hope your all had a lovely weekend x