Sunday, June 21, 2009
Out of all the 17 products I chose I have to say I am loving the green corrector liquid the most. It is fantastic when just used on areas of redness to bring the colour down. It does so with a whiting affect, so don't go cray otherwise you will look like you are trying to create your own Elizabethan look!.

The blusher is very close to the colour of Dallas by benefit but as predicted doesn't last as long. I think it may be time for me to try some new cream blushers as all powder ones i have tried never last that long and I am not the kinda girl who touches up her make up throughout the day, more of a put it on and go kinda girl! If you liked the colour of the 17 blusher I would definately try Dallas. It is a lovely burnt pink colour which is a cross between a bronzer and blusher which is my favourite colour blusher. Wouldn't bother with the applicator that comes with it!

Foundation, not loving it - think the colour I got may be a little pale and the finish isn't dazzling, coverage is very limited. My preferred foundation of the moment is defo Maybelline Dream Satin.

That's all for now!


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