Friday, October 22, 2010

My Kit: Foundations

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So in continuation of my kit posts here is my trusty foundation stapple Mac face and body.

Macs website tell us this is a water based foundation that moisturises and conditions the skin.

Why do I have so much of this product?

  • It has a good colour selection which is easy to understand and mix
  • It is a multi purpose product as it can be used on peoples bodies and faces
  • it has buildable coverage - I would suggest this could go from light to light/medium finish
  • I use the white as  a highlighter on top of foundation... or you could even use it to pale out any foundation colour you have... which if the colour you have used on someones face doest look quite right you could pale down the central panel of someones face this would enable the colour to look right (remembering to blend the colour down their neck as we don't want any floating heads!!
  • The finish of this product is lovely, it gives a dewy finish that I am really loving at the moment!
  • It looks amazing in photography

I am sure this is a product you all know and love! x


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