Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So I have been thinking about what I love about other peoples blogs and the things I like to read about and one of my favourite posts are peoples kits!

As this is going to take a while I thought I would break these posts up into sections, starting with concealers.
I have three main ones in my kit:

1. Benefit erase paste in the three colours available. I like these for covering up dark circles under the eye but they are best for using on pale skin due to the limited colour selection available. They are thick in consistency which I think is good for under the eye as a normal concealer (or so I find) doesn't actually cover it or last that long. Due to its thick consistency I use a slanted flat topped eye contour brush to buff the product into the skin.
2. Estee Lauder maximum cover foundation I have these in three of the colours available but I think there are actually four now. these are fantastic for covering any blemishes you can wear them as a foundation but they are as the name suggests rather heavy so I tend to just use these as concealers.
3. and 4. these are the mac concealers and maximum coverage (which is the larger circle containers) these are both actually the same product just that the maximum coverage comes in larger containers I have to say these aren't actually my favourite products to work with as they aren't as mailable as the other products. You are meant to warm them on your hand then blend and put onto the skin but if I could buy these again ... I wouldn't! The maximum coverage I actually like to use as contour colours instead!

Next installment coming soon xx


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