Sunday, October 31, 2010

Collection 2000 new extreme range

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I worked yesterday in the Ealing superdrug to promote the new collection 2000 extreme range which consisted of three coloured mascaras and eyeliners. All products in the promotion are 2.99 or two products for £5.

Collection 2000 as a brand are one that many years ago I would have put amongst the likes of Rimmel aimed at the young teenage market. Rimmel has since employed Kate Moss and many others to turn the brand into a cool late teen to 30s brand.
Collection 2000 in comparison have been more of a quiet brand! It in my opinion is more of a very teenage range which should be placed along with NYC despite the marketing bumf stating 18 -30.

I am always keen to try these brands ranges as they aren't something I would buy of my own accord and I get to test them on a variety of people to see if they really do work. My biggest love out of all the products I was given to use is their blue mascara. I love love love this product!! I was once upon a time put off coloured mascara after trialing a blue Barry M mascara which didn't really knock back any of the dark colour of my lashes so didn't really give the full colour effect. The collection 2000 product does work and if you are looking for a colour mascara but want to trial a cheap one this is one I would try!

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The purple and teal aren't as strong in colour so I would suggest this would work better with blonde lashes but as none of my makeover candidates yesterday were blonde I wasn't able to put this theory to the test! (The colours on dark to black lashes had little effect, just a hint of colour).

The felt pen eyeliners - I can definitely vouch that they do not move, I still cannot get the green and blue liners off my hand... could be seen as a good thing but I have to say this is one of the aspects that normally puts me off a product (YSL faux cils mascara... amazing but wouldn't buy again as don't want to remove my lashes trying to get it off!!) In terms of application the pen does make it far easier to apply so although it is a good product for someone who normally finds liner hard to do the fact that it isn't going to move would mean you have to be super fast when making any corrections!

This promotions has not yet come to an end so look out for further makeover stations in your local Superdrug.

Anyone tried these products or this range? x


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