Friday, April 24, 2009


After finding those lovely sandals were sold out online at New Look I decided to hunt them down. I went to the main oxford street store opposite primarni. I have to say I have never even noticed that it was there, it has an absolutely massive shoe section! 
I hunted through the rows of sandals only to discover they didn't have the sandals I wanted :( I for some reason thought there was another New Look next to Marks and Spencers?? I trudged the length of the road to discover there wasn't :( (I feel I should say that is a long walk!!!) I trudged back and settled for these lovely ones! £20 is a bargain they are a lot better quality than the others I looked at in H&M or Next.

I also discovered a really cute independent shoe shop near my work 
and bought these lovely ballet pumps (sorry the colour is rubbish on this photo). They are black suede with a lovely blue colour round the edge. I love them! They do them in loads of different colours and had some gorgeous shoes and bags so I think there will probably by hundreds more posts with shoes from there!!!


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