Monday, April 13, 2009

Body Products - Superdrug/Boots

On Saturday, I picked up some new body moisturiser, after using some of the Garnier products for some time. I took advantage of a lovely 2for1 superdrug offer, St Ives body moisturiser. I think it cost about £5 for two of these large bottles... bargain!

I have to say results so far are promising! The consistency is a little bit runny, but rubs in quite quickly and after just two days of use I can actually feel a difference on my skin. It isn't fragranced so nothing to report on that side I am afraid, but so far so good, any product that produces such an instant effect is always a real find! My skin type is quite dry but this is from years of not applying anything to my skin after taking a shower (bad I know, but better late than never to start turning things around hey?!).


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