Monday, April 20, 2009

New Clothes!

As the sun is now shining in London, it makes me want to do one thing .... shop!! No more blacks and dreary it is now time for some COLOUR!

However, on a budget! So I am feeling inspired by monsieur Gok and have decided that if I bu
y any outfits they must be well thought through purchases and complete outfits (in
clusive of accessories rather than random bits I usually pick up and have to buy more things to go with them)... so outfit one.. 

So here is what I am looking at the mo...

Dress - asos £35 not sure of grey or pale pink looks very inbetween could be worn out or with some sandals... will also investigate.

Beautiful shoes £140 carvella.... dont think I will be purchasing these due to their price tag but they are lovely!

Clutch (£28) and cuff (£12) both accessorise 

Earings Orelia (£30)

what do you think?? pink or grey?


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  1. Hmmmm... Gray! Gray matches almost anything, so it would be easier to match it with other outfits... Visit my blog please!!! THANX!!!

  2. very true grey would go with more things!

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