Monday, April 13, 2009

Nails Inc

Okay so I have finally got my camera to work!!! (Apoligies for all the google images).

I went to the vitality show I think it was about three weeks ago now as I was given a free ticket by my lovely friend who was working there on a Saturday (poor thing :( ). I went a long without
 wanting to buy anything and what did I see as one of the first stands of the show??? Nails Inc stand, they were selling 9 nail varnishes for £20! Seeing as they cost £10 each I would say this was a bit of a bargain. 

I hadn't used any of their polishes before, as painting my nails has always been that little bit too much effort. But, as this was a really good offer I couldn't pass this up! Reoccurring theme I know but I absolutely love them now and have been painting and repainting my nails ever since.... yep two weeks we will see how long this lasts.... 

The colour selection was good, I love Portabello Market which is the gorgeous summery orange colour which helps us pale people look browner than we are! I have noticed that the lighter colours are slightly harder to apply as they are more gloppy and therefore harder to control. but overly they aren't difficult for us non regular users.

Once polished they do look very professional (I do go in for the whole two coats base coat and a coat of clear to finish though). I think all the colours do need two coats as it does stop them looking slightly streaky. Chip proof they are not, but I do the washing up without gloves and they still last about 4 days before I need to reapply which is not bad in my book.

I have had a look and Asos are doing two colours for £10 I think I will be getting the pastel yellow and mint green next!


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