Tuesday, February 15, 2011
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I have a booking for a lovely lady coming up as she is attending a dinner party so I thought this gives me a good excuse to update my kit with a few newbie products.

So I bought Mac blushcreme in laid back and club satin eyeshadow:

The blusher - I love the colour of this and I think it will work fantastically well on olive and Asian skin tones so I had to have one of these its quite a deep plum red without the flash. I know this looks bright but with all creme blushers you blend these in so it wont be as scarily bright as it looks or sounds !

The eyeshadow... this one I am not sure how I ever lived without this in my kit or personal collection it in appearance looks a metallicy dark green/grey which when you build this up on your lid looks an amazing olivey green brown colour but when blended it turns a warm brown tone... instant smokey eye and I love it.

I tried to show it on my hand without much success:

As you can see on the right this is the colour packed on but because of my flash it does look a rather dull brown and then to the left is the blended brown shade.... so there was only one thing for it... use it on myself!

I apologise the cab came before we took a picture with my eyes closed to show you the shadow... I am officially in love with this shadow and I think everyone should have this one in their make up kit its aaaaaaaaaaaamazing :)


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  1. love the blush, i have been looking for a mac creme one myself...just not sure which to get xox

  2. bobbi brown also do some amazing cheek cremes that are worth checking out or if you are near london the pixi lip and check duo come in gorgeous summer colours x

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