Tuesday, February 8, 2011
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I have all these Pixi freebies to give away at the Boots Pixi stand around the country when you buy products from the Pixi range! I know you all love a bargain so I look forward to meeting everyone I will be tweeting where I will be so make sure you follow me to see where I will be next and which freebies I will have with me each day!

So firstly the eyelashes:
These beauties will be available at the High Street Kensington store on Saturday with every two purchases. We have an array of different styles from natural to the overtly glamorous!

Gorgeous bright pallet for the summer:
These pallets are fantastic as they give you four colours for each tone for each make up look with a mirror in the lid of the pallet.

8 shadow pallets
These are my personal favorite, I have been giving these away for a couple of weeks and I am sure you will agree what a gorgeous freebie particularly the one on the left with the trio of eyeshadows in each 8 of the circles.

Nail varnish:

Either gorgeous glitter for the glam or a beautiful nude shade. These nail varnishes are special because they do not include the scary ingredient Formaldehyde which is included in many nail varnishes that researchers feel may have a connection to cancer... so that's something to ponder when next picking up your new nail polish!

Lip Booster

This product includes strawberry extract and helps to provide maximum hydration and helps restore collagen adding volume to improve lip contour! With the added extra of coming in a beautiful colour gloss!

Rose Lustre duo lip and cheek kit:

This product includes Rose Extract and vitamin E, it can be used on top of make up to refresh during the day or wear on its own to add a lustrous glow to the skin/lips. I am loving this one myself!!

Lustrous eye primer:

 To energize tired looking eyes and is the ultimate primer to ensure the eyeshadow stays in place. Evening out skin tone and adding a gold tone to the skin! Contains Vitamin E, Aloe Vera extract, camellia leaf extract and Titanium dioxide which is natural mineral SPF! We all know that there are cult primers out there but with a product so good for you, I think this would be a perfect one to try next!

Last but not least - this gorgeous pallet by pop with three lippies - sorry the other one is there but missing for the picture!

Phew as I am having such a giveaway when you purchase Pixi products can you afford to miss it?! - I hope to see you all soon! - follow me on twitter for my updates of which Boots I will be in :)



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