Saturday, November 6, 2010

China Glaze rave!

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If any of you have been following me on twitter you would know that this past week has left me feeling pretty low. So today I have been investing in myself to make me feel better... with a haircut, treatment and a nail paint. Pampering never fails to give you the lift you need :)

I am loving the colour on my nails so much I had to blog about it!
I am lets face it a little bit in love with nail varnish.
 I like my nails quite short which I think looks absolutely amaaaaazing with dark colours. So at my local 'salon?' not sure what to call it really, I selected the most beautiful deep red polish with flecks of red glitter. I was a bit dubious as I HATE the polishes which are shimmery. They somehow despite the nails neatness, on me at least, look a mess and quite often make my skin look even paler than my ghostly white tone it already is!

The brand the girl used was China Glaze - I have never tried anything from this brand's collection, although I know it is a firm favourite in blog land! I did some quick research to see what I could find out, but, to be honest I am lacking in the information stakes. From their site I can see its a professional product, which has been going for 13 years and based in LA but other than that I am quite clueless...

The colour I had painted was part of their new Vintage Vixen range in the gorgeous colour Riverter Rouge. The product itself - although of course I wasn't using it!- appeared very gloppy with a lot coming off on the brush at once which can hinder  neat application so would be interested to trial this product for myself. Of course in professional hands there was no problem! One coat would have been sufficient although mine do have two and no top coat as the polish itself does have glossy glow already to it.

Others in the Vintage Vixen Collection which have caught my eye are:

Bogie - it has an almost purpely black background colour with turquoise and blue flecks!

Classic Carmel - this just looks classy I can see this worn with a strong red lip and black eyeliner and a skirt suit and heels. Something about this polish screams elegance!

and my final favourite:

Midnight mission - this is a funky colour that could add an edge to a boring black outfit, or would look good on toes!

I think some china glaze products will be the next things to be added to my shopping list x


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