Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Mini Haul

After leaving work today I felt in need of a treat so tried to locate a Superdrug to satisfy the craving, but all I could find were boots. Small boots at that so as we all know their make up selection isn't the best. However, I did manage to locate some lovely stuff to splurge on.

I bought:
Which is interesting stuff!! It comes out green and then changes to a natural skin colour - I cant give a proper review as I have only just tested it but I think I went a bit crazy with it as it made me very pale. I used it as you would a primer before a foundation
. The product made me go very pale but after applying make up it did make the redness go down. Which I understand this to be as green is opposite on the colour wheel so counteracts the redness. Art lesson over! It does have a lovely suncream like smell. I think only a little bit of product is required so this makes this a bargain at only a couple of quid. But it didn't help conceal the twins I have recently had appear on my face!!! - Any concealer recommendations or regimes any one can recommend as no matter what I do they still seem to be shinning through my foundation! 

As 17 products were on a 3 for 2 I also bought, Skin perfecting foundation. My new obsession seems to be foundations so expect many more reviews in the coming week as this is one thing i have never managed to get right! The colour of the foundation in the 17 range are limited to 4 for each different foundation - or just in the shop I was in! Also even if they were called the same thing in the different ranges they were a different colour which I found a little odd, but then I guess this opened them up to a lot of people but it does mean you cant just assume you are the same colour in every range. As I have only used this once I would say it gives a very light coverage - so freckles will be visible and is a lot lighter than the Maybelline product I bought but this maybe perfect for when the sun comes out, so will do a durability test between these two. I bought this in colour - fair, its shine free and claims to give a flawless finish without shine. With my use of the colour corrector I don't think that's bad - as this was only £5 it might be a bargain. I will give a wearability review on this one.:

I also picked up a blusher in plum puff which is a lovely matt only a sprinkle of sparkle brown pink. This wasn't my first choice but I do like how it looked when I trialed it - my camera isn't working so no preview photos I am afraid. I would like to do an all day trial as I find with the cheap bronzers they do not tend to stay on all day. So I will report back on this one!


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